The Hassle-free Way to Ship

Pesach Shipping LLC is a shipping company that focuses exclusively on shipping all your Pesach items to Orlando, Florida. Our staff has many years of experience in this field for a worry free shipping experience. All our trucks are refrigerated to guarantee all perishables arrive perfect! Many happy customers! Many references available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I will be arriving on Wednesday or Thursday late afternoon, what should I do if I want to pickup my delivery on the same day?

A - Please email us if you will be arriving late to make proper arrangements.


Q - Can I ship Ice Cream or Frozen Ices?

A - We do not recommend shipping those items unless packed in an insulated box with dry ice.


Q - I do not know how many boxes I will have, what should I book?

A - Book the minimum amount of boxes you know you will need to ship and you can add at a later date. We do not offer any refunds for boxes not shipped.


Q - Is there a weight limit on suitcases? 

A - No Overweight charges. We only accept standard suitcases approximately 30H x 20W.


Q - Are all your trucks refrigerated?

A - All trucks going to Orlando are refrigerated. The return truck from Orlando is not. 


Q - I have a few items that do not fit in a 12x24x13 box or I lost the box for my grill. What should I do?

A - We do not accept any loose items, If you bring a box larger then 12x24x13, we will measure & count it towards additional boxes based on the space it fills.


Q - Can I ship frozen food or meat? Will it stay frozen?

A - From past experience most frozen items stay completely or mostly frozen.


Q - Do you offer White Glove Service anywhere in Orlando?

A - We offer home deliver to Championsgate and other area resorts. Please see White Glove Service option for details.


Q - I ordered food from Batya's Kitchen, Do I need to bring it to your truck?

A - No, we will be picking up all Batya's Kitchen orders and delivering it to your home in Orlando.


Q - I ordered from Batya's Kitchen but I have less then 3 Boxes, what should I do?

A - Please email us at info@pesachshipping.com for options


Q - Can I combine my reservation with a friend or family member?

A - You may combine your order, but the reservation and all boxes will be labeled with only one name, address & phone number.


Q - Do I need to separate my fridge, freezer & dry boxes?

A - I t is always better to keep similar items together, but all our trucks are refrigerated.


Q - Can I send suitcases instead of some boxes?

A - The unit & box prices is only for boxes. we cannot combine suitcases with boxes on your pallet.